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Textiles are a part of almost every facet of modern life, from the clothes we wear to the ​fibres that make up next-generation materials. Unfortunately this ubiquity comes at an increasingly high environmental toll, with current manufacturing processes using large quantities of petrochemicals, heat energy and unsustainably sourced raw materials. 

Nature offers great inspiration for new textiles possibilities, with none more impressive than the spider. This humble creature, by combining only two compounds, water and protein, makes a solution that can be spun into high-performance textile fibres, at room temperature, without toxic chemicals and with water the only by-product.

At Spintex, we have captured the secret of the spider's web, to reproduce this unique fibre spinning artificially. We spin our fibres at room temperature, just by pulling from a liquid protein gel, without harsh chemicals. Our process is 1000x more efficient than equivalent plastic fibres, and water is the only by-product.

Uniquely produced, our fibres are biodegradable, being made from protein, and cannot bioaccumulate. 


Not only sustainable, our fibres are high-performance, with the strength and toughness for rigorous applications, whilst remaining lightweight. Tuneable properties allow for endless forms and functions, whilst precision engineering provides high levels of compliance.


Unique Solutions


Room temperature process uses 1000x less energy than plastic fibres


No genetically modified organisms reduces costs and regulatory burdens

Non-Toxic Chemicals

Reduce ecotoxicity and health hazards to people and ecosystems


Strength and toughness to and beyond Nature

Solution Dyeing

The world's only solution dyeing process for silks

Chemical Recycling

Potential for chemical recycling of silks into new spun fibres, a world first

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