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Spintex wins the Ray of Hope Prize 2021!

Spintex is proud to announce it has been recognised as the first-place prize winner of the 2021 Ray of Hope Prize, a $100,000 prize competition presented by the Biomimicry Institute!

Out of 301 applications, spanning 49 countries, Spintex has been recognized as the first-prize winner, receiving the $100,000 prize, which will help us to accelerate our path to commercial success.

By mimicking spiders’ silk spinning, Spintex can drastically reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in textile manufacturing. We are working to reduce the environmental impact of fashion clothing production, and have a larger goal to revolutionise material fabrication across textile markets.

Watch the video to learn more about Spintex’s unique spider inspired spinning approach for producing the next generation of sustainable fibres for fashion & beyond! Special thanks go to the Biomimicry Institute, the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the Root House Studio and Kenita Hill for producing this amazing video!

For more information about the Biomimicry Institute and Ray of Hope Prize, visit



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